Ancient Greece - Trip to the Walker Art Gallery

Year 4 had a wonderful time visiting the World Museum to further their study of the Ancient Greeks. They had opportunities to develop their knowledge of history left behind through clay pots and the images which told interesting stories about the Oympic Games and Gods and Goddesses. After this, the children moved on to the Walker Art Gallery where they took part in a workshop where they were asked to 'read' a painting of the Greek Myth Atalanta and Meleager. They had to use the clues in the painting to work out the main characters, their personalities and also to predict what the story might be about. They were also given the opportunity to write an ending to the story and some children were brave enough to act their ending out!. We also looked at the sculpture gallery where the children chose a bust of a Greek God to sketch ready to use for more artwork back at school. Ash Class  were also very fortunate to vist the works of the great Leonardo Da Vinci  which are on exhibition at the moment. Overall the children were facinated and inspired by the artwork, they had a truly enjoyable day and were a credit to the school.

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