Early Years - Yearly Overview

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Making relationships

Playing with friends co-operatively (free choice activities and when playing games)
Turn taking games
Listen to others ideas and suggestions in design projects and circle time
Have friends who they play with and enjoying sharing their news and ideas with
Show care and concern for their adults and friends

Self confidence

Trying of new activities that are available including sensory play/role-play 
Sensory play exploration
Celebrating own and others achievements in circle time, activities and celebration assemblies
Circle time to share their ideas and preferences

Managing feelings and behaviour

Role-play opportunities inc people who help us/home/superheroes/animals
Talking about emotions


Communication and Language

Listening and attention

Learning friends names
Listening to stories
Sound discrimination games
Carpet activities


Vocabulary word based on topic
Word of the week challenge
Sensory exploration and describing words


Tense work e.g. play/played/playing
Stories recounting 
Retelling of personal events


Physical Development

Moving and Handling

Climbing a range of equipment
Using bikes and scooters
Climbing apparatus in PE
Travelling over, trough and under equipment.
Spatial awareness 
Forest schools
Responding to music with streamers. 
Body control games e.g. musical statues

Health and Self-care

Getting ready for P.E
Putting on coats and wellies
Use water facilities
Choose healthy food options
Using aprons for painting and craft activities




Sharing books
Looking at characters
Retelling stories in sequence
Handling books carefully
Alphabet work and word building
Phonic activities to decode new words
Have personal favourite stories
Poetry books


Writing for a range of purposes e.g. list, stories, letters, postcards, instructions 
Rhyming activities
Role-play writing opportunities e.g. cards, letters, lists for shopping
Pencil grip and control
Correct orientation of letters
Spelling common words




Count reliably to 20 
Place numbers in order
Say which number is 1 more/ less than a number
Counting forwards and backwards and from a given number
Solve problems including doubling, halving
Sharing sets

Shape, Space and Measure

Looking at shapes and pattern in the environment (2D and 3D)
Ordering sizes
Measuring and comparing objects
Time including days of the week, months of the year
Comparing capacities


The World

People & Communities

Sharing of photographs 
People who help us
Similarities and differences between children
Visits from people in the community
Cultural exploration e.g. Chinese new year
Special events e.g. Wedding and Christening/ Nativity

The World

Comparing environments e.g. polar regions/farms/seaside
Investigating natural objects
Weather exploration and clothing


Use of computer programmes
Controlling toys
Exploration of torches and construction


Expressive Art and Design 

Exploring media and materials

Sing songs
Make music and create dances
Use a variety of materials and media
Use tools and techniques to build and design
Use colours
Explore textures

Being imaginative

Role-play indoors and outdoors
Dress up 
Use resources imaginatively in their own designs
Sharing of ideas and designs
Creating designs
Creating dances & stories

















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